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Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our Kayaw Ethnic Website!

All Kayaw and others interested in Kayaw are welcome to explore and search our website by watching, listening to, and reading the uploaded files.


We have uploaded materials such as  Bible stories, traditional stories, videos, music, pictures and news about our Kayaw tribe.


If someone from our community wants to upload anything, he or she can come to our office and get our permission and help for free.


Anything you want to upload (except for political and commmercial material or something that could offend our Kayaw group) can be uploaded to our webpage.


We have set up this webpage not for commercial purposes but for the development of our Kayaw Bible and literature.


Finally, let us request to our own people for suggestions concerning our website including all the things posted on it.

If you want to make a suggestion, please use the contact info below or come to our office and discuss with us.


Thank you to all.






Ph - 09780102192 / 09254296656

Email - kayawteam@gmail.com






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